Bikini Prep – 2 Weeks Out – My Best Weight Loss Tricks

If you’ve ever wondered what 2 weeks out felt like, this photo describes it perfectly. Things just all start to come together. The winter layers have come off, and you just start to feel a little like the Queen B. My friend Sophia asked me how I was feeling this week, and without thinking I just said “like a rockstar.” I just feel GOOD, confident, I am ready.


I trained with my coach this week, and he gave me the stamp of approval. He only sees me in person a few times during my prep, so I always get a little anxious before I am about to meet with him. Pictures never really tell the true story, and with his extensive experience in bodybuilding, his opinion means a lot to me. I got high marks. So much so, that I was given one last cheat meal before my show in, now 13 days. People always want to know about the cheat meal, and it’s always the same: Stoney River filet, crab cake, asparagus, and a house salad. Their house salad is THE BEST. I am a nerd, I know, but it comes out in a really cold bowl, there are bits of egg and bacon on it, everything about it is just amazing. I may have had one of their famous rolls as well, but I’ll never tell.

I’ve also been practicing a lot with my posing coach this month. I typically wait until the end of prep to really hone in on my T-walk (a 1-minute stage presentation which I choreograph to a song of my choosing) and individual poses. I like to wait till I am really confident in my body because THAT what really shines on stage. Sure the glittery suit and jewelry helps too, but the confidence is key.




















It’s been a long 14-weeks of prep so far to get to the point where I am today. I’ve shared about my struggles with the scale not moving, low energy levels and balancing prep life with real life. During this time, I have discovered 4 tricks that have really helped me during this journey, so I thought I’d share them with you. Summer is coming, and many of us are hoping to get swimsuit ready in the next 6 weeks. I am hoping these tips can help you, the way that they’ve helped me.

  • Brush your teeth after lunch and dinner. I started brushing my teeth after lunch about a month ago, and it’s amazing how much this simple act can make a difference. It signals to my brain that I’m DONE (well, for the next 2.5 hours until my 4th meal), and it helps my brain to focus on something else besides food. Same with dinner. It has helped me tremendously.
  • Try THIS tea. I am so NOT a tea person. I’ve tried to be a tea person, but it really just did nothing for me. UNTIL I had THIS TEA. And now I am a tea person. I purchased it at the Varuna Aveda Spa on West Street in Annapolis when I was there a few weeks ago for some pampering. It is a bit pricey at $20 a box, but it’s so comforting and flavorful. I have a cup typically after lunch and dinner. You can also buy it online here.FullSizeRender
  • If you’re due for a teeth whitening, apply your white strips during your “weak” times of the day. I have been whitening my teeth (because all the little details help when it’s showtime) for the past two weeks. I’ll apply the white strips every other day or every two days after dinner and after I’ve brushed my teeth. I know that I need to leave them on for 30 minutes, so it’s another way to ensure that I don’t go back for seconds, and it allows my brain to catch up to my stomach and to signal that I am full.
  • Establish a new weekend routine. If you typically go out to dinner on Friday nights or you find yourself undoing your diet on the weekends, consider establishing a new routine. For me, I have been taking a relaxing Epsom salt bath some weekend nights and applying one of my favorite face masks to help to cleanse and detox my skin. This practice reminds me that I am making healthy choices not only for my body and mind, but for my skin as well. FullSizeRender_1Beautycounter’s Charcoal Mask and Origins Rose Clay Mask are my two favorites. I use each of them once a week.

As I’ve mentioned many times in the past, weight loss is a mental game. You must be mentally committed to your goal 100% to succeed. No tip or trick or ab workout will get you the results that you want unless you’re willing to do whatever it takes. Take the time to commit to your goals FIRST, and the results will come, in time, if you continue to work for them. Have a great week! 13 days and counting…