“Mary always starts her classes by saying: No matter how your day has been so far, it’s about to get a lot better. And it always does.”

I went to grade school with Mary and recently reconnected when I moved back to the Annapolis area about a year ago from Washington D.C. I was looking for a challenging workout with a limited amount of time. Mary suggested I try her boot camp and spin class. I was immediately hooked! Not only because they are such challenging classes but more so because of Mary’s positive and infectious energy. I love being in a class where Mary teaches! She has a special gift to inspire others to push themselves past their perceived limits and does so without fail each class. I always leave Mary’s classes with the best feeling and now matter how hard it was, I can’t wait for the next one! Mary always starts her classes by saying, “No matter how your day has been so far, it’s about to get a lot better.” And it always does.

Colleen F.

I like to plan ahead. It's how I get a leg up on my week so there's less of a chance that I slip into bad habits. That way I can focus on loving life here in Annapolis, Maryland.

Mary Davis

Fitness Coach

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