My Favorite Workout Gear and Gadgets – Updated!

I take my workout gear pretty seriously. I have to. I live in it for 12-15 hours a week, and I put it through hell. Soaking wet cycle workouts. Stretching and lunging and squatting during weight lifting sessions. I need it to perform. I have high expectations for what I wear, which is why I always go for quality over quantity when it comes to clothing and fit tech devices. Here I will share with you my list of favorite things. It’s always growing and evolving, but as of today, these are my must have items.

1) Wunder Under Crop II *Full-On Luxtreme crops by lululemon athletica

I love all things lulu, but these crops are my number one! They are very flattering and hold everything in where it should be. They are also really lightweight, so they keep you cool even during your sweatiest workouts. They are worth every penny of their $72-82 price tag.

2) Balega Socks

I used to think all socks were the same. A sock is a sock right?! Then my friend Ericka gave me a pair of these socks for Christmas, and since then I have become a complete sock snob. They are the ONLY socks I wear when I workout. Try them, and you’ll see.

3) Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

My go-to recording device for all of my workouts. This is a very versatile and now inexpensive (since it’s a few years old) way to track your calories burned and average heart rate. You can purchase this one (which includes the heart rate strap) for about $60 on Amazon.

4) Jaybird X2 Wireless Headphones

In my opinion, nothing messes up my workout mojo more than earbuds that won’t stay put and long, dangling cords that get caught in my dumbbells. These earphones have an amazing sound, and they come with so many sizing options that they are sure to fit in any shape ear. They are pricey, but they connect via bluetooth to your iPhone and iPod, so they function as double duty during workouts and conference calls.

Set yourself up for success with these great items that will help you to smash your workout today!