Bump Photos!

Before I got pregnant, I was nervous about what would happen to my body during and after pregnancy. You can call that vain, I call it vulnerable and honest. It helped me TREMENDOUSLY to see my close friends and people in the fitness industry show their bumps and show what was possible with proper diet and exercise during pregnancy.

I have had an easy pregnancy. I have not been sick at all or tired, so it has been easy for me to keep up my level of exercise which involves 60 minutes of cardio 6x a week + weight lifting 3x a week. I also count my macros (carbs, protein and fats) 80% of the week and leave 20% open for indulging, consuming between 2200-2600 calories each day.

My goal is to help others, like so many have helped me, get over any fears and insecurities about getting pregnant. Here goes!

Mary Davis Fitness, Fit Pregnancy, 17 Weeks

Mary Davis Fitness Fit Pregnancy 17 Weeks



I have been working hard in the gym to keep up with my weight training program to make sure I don’t lose too much muscle tone.








Mary Davis Fitness Fit Pregnancy 21 Weeks

Mary Davis Fitness 21 Weeks



21 weeks pregnant, and here comes the bump! I really did not know what to expect with my weight gain during pregnancy, and I immediately gained some weight around my arms, butt and thighs. Before I got pregnant, Bod Pod gave me a body fat reading of 11%, so I was not surprised to add a little fat on. My body is getting ready for our baby girl! I try not to obsess over it, and overall I am happy with my progress so far.






Mary Davis Fitness, Fit Pregnancy, 22 Weeks, Annapolis

Mary Davis Fitness 22 Weeks


This photo was taken in Aruba on our babymoon. It was so nice to visit somewhere warm and enjoy some alone time with my hubby! We don’t plan on slowing down our travel (or our alone time) once our baby girl arrives! We already have our post-baby trip planned for next Spring. I am still feeling great and was able to do a lot of swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, and body weight exercises on our trip!







Mary Davis Fitness, Fit Pregnancy, 24 Weeks, Annapolis, Bump Photos

Mary Davis Fitness 24 Weeks


There is NO DENYING this bump now! Off to spin class! I am still teaching intense spin classes 5 times a week (including doubles on Tuesdays) and lifting heavy weights 3-4 times a  week.







Mary Davis Fitness, Fit Pregnancy, 25 Weeks, Annapolis, Bump Photos

Mary Davis Fitness 25 Weeks




Hello 25 weeks! Off to the gym for leg day!






fit pregnancy, 29 weeks, mary davis fitness, bump photos

Mary Davis Fitness 29 weeks



Hello baby girl! I am not sure how much bigger my stomach can possibly get. It is definitely getting harder to do the little things like lacing up my sneakers. My exercise routine has not really changed. I just taught 2 spin classes at 50 minutes each. A Saturday double! I have found that my heart rate rises faster than usual, so I always keep an eye on it when I teach, and I use the “talk test” to make sure I am not overdoing it. I have gained about 20-22 pounds so far.