Customized Meal Plans

A meal plan based on your preferences with a treat food option to keep you on track!

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1-on-1 Lifestyle Coaching

$149 a month with a 2-month minimum. Customized nutrition goals designed to help you achieve your goals of muscle building, fat loss or maintenance. Weekly Monday morning check-ins with food log reviews and tips on how to improve each week. This method provides accountability and close communication with Mary each week.

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Spring Shred

A 6-week online group focused on shedding those extra pounds to get you bathing suit ready for summer.

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Customized Weight Training Program

A weight training plan based on your needs and goals completely tailored to you!

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Mary's 30-Day Cut

An aggressive, short term weight loss plan to help you get ready for a vacation or special event.

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Personalized Macro Count

Your personalized macros based on your height, weight, age and activity level

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