Bikini Prep – 3 Weeks Out – Why Everyone Should Set a Date

It’s 4:07am as I sit in my dimly lit kitchen to write this blog. Last night was a new record. I was up every hour on the hour. I rolled over, looked at the time, debated if it it was too early to start my day. Any hour with a 2 in front of it, I forced myself back to sleep, but this morning at 3:15am, I just couldn’t sleep anymore. I laid in bed and felt my tummy, which is essentially now just skin, stretched over muscle. My hip bones protruding from my sides. Stomach rumbling. This is the fifth morning this week that I have been up before 5am, regardless of the timestamp on my daily Instagram story where I count down the days to my first competition this fall. 22 days to go. The good thing about getting up this early is that I get a lot done in the wee hours of the morning…and I get some nice hot black coffee. By 4pm, my brain is mush. By 8pm my body is physically worn and it’s hard to get up the stairs for bed. Last night I was in bed by 9pm, and my husband was a saint, eating his nightly snack after I left the room. I could hear the pantry door open as I settled into bed for the night. It would not have bothered me this week if he ate right next to me. At this close to a show, I don’t even see the temptation. Or my daughter’s grilled cheese. One might call them blinders. Regardless, a switch has been flipped and there’s no stopping me now.


This prep has been full of ups and downs, as recently as last week when I started to panic a bit. My weight was not dropping as quickly as my coach and I had hoped, due to my inability to stick 100% to my meal plan. No excuses. It was my fault. There were times during the past 9 weeks where I was not fully committed. After my last show, I let my weight get up to 142 pounds, which was a very uncomfortable place for me. I shared about this in an earlier post from this summer. Since then, we have been playing catch up to return me to my “normal weight” of 135/136 where I sit comfortable and happy. Losing that 7 pounds was pretty killer. Especially since some of that weight was definitely muscle. Even in the “off season” I am never off and continued to lift my booty and hamstrings 3 times a week. The scale was royally messing with my mind. Finally, after persistence, reassurance, and a lot of sweat, I got down to 132 pounds, where I sit this morning. I am now on target to hit my goal weights for both shows. FullSizeRender_1

My first show is October 14th. It starts at 10:30am. It’s on a Saturday. There is no changing that. People change show dates all of the time because of personal conflicts and injury, but for me, there was no consideration for picking a first show at a later date. I am very big on commitment, and I did not want to let myself down. I have coached close to 200 women over the past two years since my online nutrition business has taken off, and I will tell you, the women who chose THEIR date were much more likely to meet their goals. Whether it was to trim up for an upcoming event or vacation, or just a random date that was set and committed to, those women succeeded more often than not. I teach a lot about setting S.M.A.R.T. goals in my groups which are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. I ask my clients to WRITE DOWN their goals, being specific and aiming for a date. I am so passionate about helping women to achieve their goals, that I offer weekly challenges in my groups in order to force them to change and grow. This week my 23 ladies in my macro group are giving up processed foods for 5 days (ending tomorrow, which I am sure they are very happy about) in order for a chance to win a $100 Nordstrom or lululemon gift card. Would you give up peanut butter for a week for a chance to win the align pant in one of it’s fall colors? I would. Those pants are like butter. Mmmmm, butter. I digress.

I recently ran into a friend of mine who has lost 25 pounds. Her boyfriend is coming home from deployment in 6 weeks. She has never looked better. She set a her date and is crushing it.

In January, I have big plans to tie my macro groups to an end-of-session photo shoot, where women can show off their 8-week transformations by getting glammed up and photographed. I feel that everyone should have a beautiful photo of themselves. Especially my clients, many of which who are moms that spend a lot of time caring for others and putting themselves second.

I also have clients that come to me over and over and never make real changes. They repeat the same patterns over and over. They don’t plan ahead, the undo all of their hard work on the weekends, they make excuses. If you work with me, at times your get a big mouth full of tough love, and that’s only because I care. I care a lot. I identify the bullshit and highlight it, in a one-on-one setting. I ask people all of the time, how badly do you want it. Their actions will reveal their answer.

It’s almost time to get ready for the gym. In by 7am today and home to start my full-time job. My fire is lit, and it’s because I set a date. Maybe it’s time you set yours.